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New Organization Onboarding

Going Live with Big Interview

Welcome to Big Interview. We’re so happy you’re here! In this module for admin users, we’ll be walking you through everything you need to know to have a successful launch.

Once your site is ready to go, you’ll get an email with your Big Interview url. Your Big Interview url will be your website domain dot biginterview dot com. So for example, if your organization’s website is yale dot edu, your Big Interview url will be yale dot biginterview dot com. Be sure to check your email to confirm.

Of course, in order for users to access the site, you’ll need to share this link with them. For our university clients, this is typically in the career services section of your site, but anywhere on your website will work. If you have Handshake, you can add Big Interview in the resources area. It’s also helpful to include some information on how registration works and a little bit of context to help your users get the most out of Big Interview.

Registration and Access Methods

There are typically three ways that users can register or gain access to your organization's Big Interview account: code registration, email registration, and single sign-on (SSO). Admins can also invite users manually or in bulk. We’ll cover that in more detail later in this video.

If your organization uses email registration, users will need a school or organizational email address (not personal) in order to register for an account. If your organization uses code registration, you’ll need to share this code with them via email or another secure method. Do not share codes publicly online. SSO users will simply login with their existing user name and password.

If you aren’t sure what your registration method is, please contact your Customer Success Manager to learn more.

Admin Status Levels, reports, and adding admin

There are two levels of admin status within Big Interview: Admin and Org Admin. Here is a brief description of each level:

Top level admin, or Admin, can view everything in the admin panel (including reports). They can add additional org admin users or grant org admin status. Org Admins cannot see reports. They are able to utilize custom sets and assignments.
Both admin types can look up individual users in the Users tab. Admins can also download the Users Report which will give you the most robust and helpful data available in the admin area.

If you have top level admin access, you can view the admin dashboard which gives you an overview of user activity, as well as some additional engagement data. For specific reporting requests, please reach out to the Support Team.

Adding Users

Regardless of your organization’s registration type, you can always invite users directly to the platform. Go to the Admin side of your account and click on the “Users” tab. Now click on “Invite Users”. You can either invite users one at a time or import a CSV list. Make sure you choose the correct user role (Admin, Org_Admin, or User). Once you’ve finished inviting users, the system will send instructions for logging in.

Custom Sets and Assignments
Assignments and Custom Sets are both features that allow you to create interview sets by recording your own questions or choosing any questions from our Question Library. Assignments also allow you to implement time and take limits, customize assignment criteria, and pull reports on scoring.

You must be designated as an administrator (admin or org_admin) by your organization in order to create Assignments or Custom Sets.

Training and Support options

We offer a variety of ways for users to access support as well as opportunities for training.

Users can get help by clicking on the blue widget that floats on the bottom right corner of Big Interview. You can also start a support ticket by emailing

Our knowledge base is another great resource for additional help. The knowledge base contains articles and tutorials on a variety of topics from assignments to admin roles.

We conduct weekly Quick Start Trainings or you can contact your Customer Success Manager if you’d like to set up additional training sessions.

Updated on: 14/08/2023

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