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Admin Status Levels and Adding Admins

Admin Status Levels

There are two levels of admin status within Big Interview. Here is a brief description of each level:

Top Level Admin - The top level admin can view everything in the admin panel including reports. They can add additional org admin users or grant org admin status.

Organizational Admin - An org admin (sometimes org user) cannot see reports, manage users, or add additional org admins. They are able to utilize custom sets and assignments. 

Adding Additional Admins

If a faculty or staff member needs to review videos from the admin side or create custom sets/assignments, they will need to have admin access. You can add admins for your organization from the admin area.

 Step 1: Click on "Add Org Admins" from the right account menu (under your name).

Step 2: Enter the email address for the admin you would like to add.

Step 3: If the user already has a Big Interview account, simply click "Confirm". If they are a new user, enter the first name, last name, password, and click "Save".

Removing Admins

From the admin view, click on your name and "Add Org Admins". Scroll down to the admin or org admin you'd like to remove. Click the red "Remove" text. The admin has now been removed.

Updated on: 14/08/2023

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