It's easy to create an Assignment for your users. You must be designated as an administrator (top level or org_admin) by your organization to create Assignments.

From the admin view, click on the Assignments button (in the top nav bar)

Click the green button that says "Add New Assignment"

You will be prompted to give your assignment a name, description, and due date. Now you have the option to add Take Limits and Time Limits. This will allow you to decide how many times students can attempt each question and the time limit for each question.

In addition to these options, you can also choose to make the assignment "Private" (only the assignment creator can grade/view submissions) or allow students to share the assignment externally.

Next you have the option of selecting from a pre-made template or building your own assignment from scratch.

You can edit a pre-made template or build a list of questions from our question library.

Click on the question to add it to your Assignment, and click "Save & Continue" to move the next step.

Now you will select the grading criteria for your assignment. You can select the default criteria or add custom criteria.

If you would like to invite users to the assignment, you can add them in bulk via .csv file or add the name and email manually. You'll also have the option to share the assignment using an access code or invite them at a later time.

Review the details of your assignment to ensure you're satisfied. Then click "Save & Publish".

You can now see the live assignment on the main Assignments page.

Copy the "Access Code" to share with the users meant to complete the assignment. Once the access code has been entered, you will no longer be able to edit your assignment. 

Please note, you will not be able to edit Assignment questions once it has been finalized.

To see how to review an Assignment, look at the Knowledge Base article called Reviewing Assignments
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