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Creating Custom Sets

1. Create a new Custom Set

From the admin side, click on Interviews.

2. Click on Custom Sets

3. Click on New Custom Set

4. Choose from any question category in our library

5. Click the green plus sign to add a question to your set

6. If needed, add your own custom questions

7. Click on Add Custom Question

8. Choose Record or Upload

You can upload files or record in Big Interview.

9. Upload Question

If you are uploading a file, it should be an mp4 file.

10. Click on Save & Continue

11. Type the text of your question

You can also add tips if you want to help interviewees prepare to answer this question.

12. Reorder Questions

You can drag and drop questions to put them in the right order.

13. Name your Custom Set

14. Click on Save Custom Set

You're all done! Students can now practice this set. You can also reuse this set or custom questions in Assignments.

Updated on: 06/03/2024

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