Your Account page allows setting information about your profile, time zone, password and avatar. You can manage your Billing, and setup a web cam and microphone. Under "About You" tab you can fill out personal information abouit your job search!

Let's look at these each one by one.


Enter your First and Last name, Email and Time zone. This is also where you'll go if you ever need to change your password.

Learning Plan

Access your Learning Plan here.

About Me

This page allows you to enter information about your age, gender, experience, profession and address details. Sharing this info with us helps us develop the best possible job interview training for you!

Profile Image

Pretty self-explanatory. You can add your profile pic here.

Billing (consumer accounts only)

Manage your subscription here.

You can Cancel your subscription in this section- it's a completely automated process and will take effect immediately, but make sure you read our "How to Cancel Your Account" article to make sure it goes through. If you have any issues, just contact support! 

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