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How do I get the Eye Tracking Calibration tool to work properly?

Before you record videos in Big Interview, the system will prompt you to look at four corners of your screen using the Eye Tracking Calibration tool.

If you encounter difficulties when using this tool, we recommend brightening the amount of light on your face, keeping your camera near eye level, or temporarily removing any eyewear.

How do I disable Eye Tracking?

If you are unable to calibrate eye tracking or you are unable to make eye contact, you can disable eye tracking in your account settings.

Can I use Big Interview to get reviewed by friends, family, and mentors?

Yes, you have the option to utilize Big Interview to seek feedback from friends, family, and mentors. You can share individual video recordings or a series of videos that you have prepared for an assignment with them. From "My Videos"click on the "Share" button and enter the email addresses of the people you wish to review your videos. Each person you invite will receive an email invitation from Big Interview, prompting them to watch your recorded videos and provide their feedback. Once they have submitted their reviews, you will receive an email notification. To share from Assignments, click the up arrow and enter the email addresses of the people you wish to review your videos.

The demographics pop-up won't close. Can't get past demographics.

This is typically due to an outdated browser. Ensure your browser is updated and also clear your cache. If you are still unable to move past the pop-up, contact support through chat or email

What if I don’t have a camera or microphone on my device?

You can still get a lot of benefit out of the system even if you can't utilize the practice interviews. The video and written curriculum have a lot of valuable content that can help you prepare for your interview. Another way to practice is to utilize the Answer Builder to plan your interview responses using the STAR method. Lastly, the Question Library includes tons of tips and sample answers.

Where can I obtain organization code?

Some universities and organizations use an alpha numeric code in order to register for a Big Interview account. Reach out to your organization in order to obtain the code.

An organization code is different than an Assignment code. You'll use an organization code for creating an account. Assignment codes are entered in the assignment area once you are already logged into Big Interview.

Can we add pre-recorded or custom questions to this platform

It's easy to add pre-recorded questions or record custom questions directly in the system. You must have admin status in order to add questions to Big Interview. You can add questions within Custom Sets or in Assignments.

How do I receive a certificate?

Once you complete certain modules within Big Interview, you’ll receive a certificate of completion. In order to receive a Certificate, you will need to complete the entire module. You should see a green checkmark next to every lesson, practice question, and quiz in the module. If you are missing any checkmarks, you won’t get your certificate. In order to view and download your certificates, click on “My Certificates” from Interview Curriculum area.

Updated on: 28/08/2023

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