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AI is an optional feature for schools and organizations, so make sure your school has AI enabled

Our new AI Feedback feature is a great way to improve your interviewing skills and pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses. When you save a video, our AI will process your video and then offers you immediate feedback on how you are doing with your interview prep and immediate coaching on how to improve.

To try out our AI Feedback, go to a practice interview or assignment. When you click on the interview you will see this screen.

Read the instructions and then click Continue to Eye Tracking Calibration. Follow the steps on the next few screens. When you finish the eye calibration process, you are ready to record your videos! If you don't want feedback on eye contact, simply click "Practice without Eye Tracking".

Continue with your practice interview normally. Make sure your answers are at least 30 seconds long. AI will not be able to run on videos that are too short. When you finish recording and saving your videos, you will be able to access your AI feedback in the MY VIDEOS tab (or in the Assignments area). It may take a few minutes for your AI score to process. When it is ready, you will see a bronze, silver, or gold medal depending on how well you scored. Click on the medal to see your feedback.

You will get feedback on eye contact, use of "ums" and other filler words, vocabulary, tone, rate of speech, and more. Click on "My Action Plan" to see a customized action plan that summarizes all of your scores and provides guidance on where you can improve and exactly how to get started.

Updated on: 31/08/2022

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