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[ResumeAI: Create New Scoring Guide]

Creation Date: July 10, 2023
Created By: Abbey Byrne

1. Log into Big Interview as an Admin or Org Admin

2. Click on Resumes

3. Click on Scoring Guides


5. Make sure to give your scoring guide a descriptive name that will make sense to students. You may also include course or instructor information in the scoring guide name.

6. Add a due date or short description of the scoring guide if needed.

7. If you have a resume template you can attach it to the scoring guide as a reference

8. Toggle on "Public Scoring Guide" if you would like anyone within your organization to be able to view and scan against this scoring guide. Toggle "Public Scoring Guide" off if you would like the profile to be invite-only.

9. Select the primary focus of the resume (Education, Experience, Any)

10. Choose your target score

11. You can require a job description, make it optional, or predefine one.

If the user does not add a job description, they will not get ATS feedback.

12. Click on NEXT STEP

13. Each element in the scoring guide can be customized (except ATS scoring). You can turn elements on or off, adjust the score settings, and modify the feedback.

14. If you require specific sections, you can customize them by clicking on "Key Sections" under "Readability"

15. Add the sections you would like to include.

16. Click on NEXT STEP when the profile is complete.

17. You can invite users via email or code. Skip this step if you don't wish to invite users at this time.

18. Click on FINISH SETUP.

Updated on: 21/08/2023

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