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Scanning Resumes for AI Feedback

[ResumeAI: Scanning a Resume]

Creation Date: April 17, 2023
Created By: Abbey Byrne

1. Click on Resumes

2. Click on ResumeAI

3. Click on "Scan Resume" or "Join By Code" if you have an assignment code

4. Locate the Scoring Guide you would like to scan against and Click on SELECT

5. You can view profile details/download the resume template before you scan

6. If you previously added a job description, you can "Select A Job Description"

7. Choose "Add Job Details" if you are entering a new job description.

8. Make sure you only add relevant parts of the job description. You don't need to add information about benefits, salary, etc.

9. Upload your resume as a pdf or docx file

10. Click on SCAN RESUME. You have 5 scans per day. If you need more scans, please contact support.

11. You'll receive an overall score of bronze, silver, or gold. Click VIEW FEEDBACK to see your score for each of the elements within readability, credibility, and ATS (if applicable).

13. Click on each element (or VIEW DETAILED FEEDBACK) to see your feedback and score.

14. In some cases (like foreign language terms or brand names), you may see spelling errors that are incorrectly flagged.

Dismiss the incorrectly flagged errors.

15. Click on CONFIRM to recalculate your score.

16. After reviewing your feedback, edit your resume outside the system and rescan.

Updated on: 19/09/2023

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