Users can scan up to 5 resumes per day. Resumes can be in pdf or word format.

There are two ways to scan resumes for AI feedback: Private Scans and Resume Profiles.

Option 1
Resume Profile - A Resume Profile will score according to how the profile creator within your organization has customized the criteria.

To scan a resume for a Resume Profile, users may be invited via access code or email.

If you receive an email invite, simply click on the link provided in the email.

If you are given an access code, enter the code in the “Resume Profile” area under the “My Resumes” tab.

resume profile

Option 2
Private Scan - A Private Scan will utilize the default criteria for each experience level which can be found in the Admin area under “AI Criteria Templates”.

Click on “Private Scan” under the “My Resumes” tab in order to scan your resume with your organization's default settings.

private scan
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