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ResumeAI Profiles

Resume Profiles allow organizations to customize the criteria, feedback, best practices, sections, and scoring for ResumeAI. Admin users can create unlimited resume profiles to meet the needs of different academic levels, schools of study, industries, and more. Resume Profiles can also be used as assignments.

In order to create a new profile, click on Resumes Profiles from the Resume tab in the admin area. Click on “New Profile”.

New Profile

Name your new profile. We recommend utilizing a naming convention for profiles to avoid confusion. Here is an example of one way to structure your profile names.

Last name, First name - Description of Profile

If you would like this profile to be visible to all users, toggle "Shared Profile" on. If you would like to invite users by email or code, toggle this off.

Next, choose your resume focus, target score, and whether or not you will require a job description.

The profile consists of three sections: Readability, Credibility, and ATS Match. Within each section, you can turn criteria on/off, adjust the criteria weighting (low, medium, high), and change the criteria minimum and maximum count. You can also edit best practices and feedback for each score level (bronze, silver, and gold).


When you are finished customizing your Resume Profile, click “Next Step”. You can invite users manually, in bulk using a .csv file, or invite users using the access code displayed at the bottom of the page.


Updated on: 03/01/2023

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