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How to Complete an Assignment on the Mobile App

We love how simple and user friendly our Mobile App is. You can download the app here.

Logging into the Mobile App

• If your school utilizes SSO (you log in with your school credentials), simply select "Use your university profile", type the name of your school, and enter your user name and password

• If your school uses self-registration (you register with a school email address), you must be registered on the laptop/desktop version of Big Interview prior to logging in with the mobile app. This means you will need to visit your school's Big Interview URL (e.g. in order to register. You will then be able to download and log into the mobile app.                                                 

Completing an Assignment

Go to the Assignments Tab
Click the +New button on the top right corner
Enter the Assignment Code and click Add Assignment.
Click Start Assignment.
Watch the video interview question and then record your answer.
If you are unhappy with your answer click Retake to try again, otherwise click the Save button.
Swipe or use the blue arrows on the bottom of the screen to navigate through the questions.
Once you are happy with all of your answers and you are sure you’ve answered every question, exit out of the assignment. You will now see that the assignment has a green Submit Assignment button.
The Submit button takes you to one last screen where you can select the videos you wish to submit.
When you are finished click Submit Assignment.

Updated on: 14/08/2023

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