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Completing an Assignment

Universities, workforce development entities, non-profits, and other organizations utilize assignments to help them assign specific questions to their users.

Keep in mind that assignments are a little bit different than Practice Sets. You may have a due date, time/take limits, or specific review criteria.

Assignment videos are not stored in My Videos. You can find your Assignment videos under the Submitted tab in Interview Assignments.

1. Start your Assignment

Click on Interviews

Step 1 screenshot


Click on Interview Assignments

Step 2 screenshot

3. Assignment Code

In order to complete your assignment, you'll need a code. Your instructor, employment specialist, case manager, or other admin at your organization will give you this code. It is entered in the assignments area. Reach out to your organization if you don't have a code.

It is NOT a password or organizational code used for logging in or registering.

Step 3 screenshot


Enter your code and click GO

Step 4 screenshot


Click on Start Recording

Step 5 screenshot


Click on Save answer

Step 6 screenshot


Click on Next question

Step 7 screenshot


You must answer all the questions in an Assignment in order to submit.

Step 8 screenshot

9. Submit Assignment

One you have completed all the questions in the assignment, click Submit Assignment

Step 9 screenshot


You'll have an opportunity to review your videos and re-record if applicable. Click on Submit final answers when you are ready to submit

Step 10 screenshot

If you're still looking for a walk-through, here's a video:

Updated on: 16/08/2023

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