Completing an assignment is pretty easy. Let's walk you through.

Step 1: Go to "Assignments" tab (in your top nav bar).

Step 2: Enter your "Assignment Code" in the code field - which will have been supplied to you (by your admin, counselor, professor, recruiter, advisor, etc). Click "Go".

Step 3: Record your responses by clicking “Start recording”.

Step 4: Click “Stop recording” when you are done. You’ll see a green check mark next to the question if it has been successfully saved.

Step 5: Click “Re-record” if you aren’t satisfied with your response. This will overwrite your existing recording.

Step 6: When you finish recording all responses, click “Submit Assignment”.


If you received feedback on your assignment, you can find it under the "Submitted" tab. Click "Check reviews" to see it.
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