Once a user has completed an assignment, what's next?

Here's a tutorial video


1. Go to the "Assignments" tab and lookup the assignment.


You can see some details about the assignment including the

1. "Assignment Name"

2. "Access Code" - to be shared with users completing assignment

3. "Due Date" (if applicable)

4. "Status" (active / inactive/ draft)

5. "Started/Completed" - number of user who have begun and completed.

6. "Actions" drop-down menu - which permits admin to close/end the assignment, and edit details.

2. Click the assignment name, and you'll now see a roster of users you'll need "To Review". The tab after is users you've already "Reviewed". The last tab is user who are in progress of completing assignment.

Click on "Review assignment" to begin reviewing.


3. You are now on the user/student's assignment. At a glance, you can see all the user information, and a video grid of all the answers included in the assignment.

You'll notice a big green button on the upper-right that says "Watch videos and review submission". 

So you as the reviewer have a choice of reviewing the whole assignment from the beginning, or picking specific answers to watch.

In the screen below, you are watching a specific answer. You always have the option of giving the video a specific rating, but it is not obligatory.

However, you are required to click the green "Review entire assignment" button if you want to mark this user's assignment as review and completed. 

In the student roster, this will move the student from the "To review" tab, to the "Reviewed" tab. This makes it easier to keep track of users/students.

When reviewing individual answers, you can click the arrows left/right to progress through the assignment.

When leaving a rating and feedback on an individual answer, please remember to click "Save"

When leaving a review for the whole assignment, you'll be on the screen below:


The screen below shows you what you'd see when you've left reviews.


When you return to the assignment roster, you can see that the user is now in the "Reviewed", and your work is complete.