In order to help with this issue, please restart your computer and follow the exact steps below: 

1. From the latest version of Google Chrome browser, log back into your account.

If you don't have Chrome on your PC or Mac, you'll need to download it from Google in order to ensure things work correctly.

2. Go straight to the Practice tab (in the top navigation bar) and click on Interview Roulette.

3. Once you've clicked on Interview Roulette you will be brought to a mock interview video and will see a pop-up notification window in the upper left-hand side of your browser screen. (If you do not see this window you will need to adjust your permissions for popups in the Chrome browser settings area.)

4. Click on  Allow in the window. 

5. Go to the URL address bar and click on the little camera icon on the right-hand side.

6. Choose the camera you would like to use from the drop-down menu. If you do not have an external camera attached to your laptop then there will only be one option.

Make sure to stay on the HTML side of our site (this is automatically where you will be once you log in) do not move the toggle to Flash.

7. Now click on the red Record button in the second window to the right of the interviewer. Please wait for the countdown timer to finish before you start your answer.

8. Record an answer for Practice Interview question and then wait until your video hits 100% after saving.

It will then go to your My Videos section for processing (and will be ready for reviewing a few minutes later)

You can review your video immediately by clicking "Play", but in order to be sure it has saved, you will need to click Save and wait for it to upload to 100% before moving onto the next practice question.

If you were able to successfully record then you should be good to go!