It's easy to create an Assignment for your users. You must be designated as an administrator by your organization to create Assignments.

If you need admin access, simply contact career services at your university or school (or the main contact for your organization).

Tutorial Video:


1. From the admin view, click on the Assignments button (in the top nav bar)

2. Click the green button that says "New Assignment"



3. Now you will be prompted to give you assignment a name, description and due date (optional). You can also choose to be notified by email when a user submits their assignment for review.


4. Next you have the option of selecting from a pre-made template or building your own assignment from scratch.


Here are some template examples. (We are planning on expanding these to include many other types of categories.)


This screen shows the list of question inside a pre-made template. You have the option of editing this in the next step.


5. On this screen, you can edit a pre-made template OR build a list of questions from our question library. The questions are organized by category (General / Industry-specific / Competency-based, etc.). There is also a SEARCH box so you can easily find a specific type of question.


6. Click on the questions to add it to your Assignment, and click "Save & Continue" to move the next step.

7. You're almost done. Review the details of your assignment to ensure you're satisfied. Then click "Publish".


8. You can now see you live assignment on the main Assignments page. 

You can now copy the "Access Code" to share with the users meant to complete the assignment. You can also click the "Actions" drop-down menu to see additional options including: Edit Details, Edit Questions, Close, Archive, Delete and Duplicate

In the screen below you can see the assignment we created together "Awesome Assignment - Fall". You notice the tabs near the top indicating the status of the assignment as either "Active", "Ended", "Draft" or "Archived".

Most of the columns should be self-explanatory, but wanted to specifically mention the "Started/Completed" column. This indicates the number of users who've begun the assignment (as "Started") and the number of users who completed the assignment (as "Completed").


To see how to review an Assignment, look at the Knowledge Base article called "Reviewing Assignments"