Let’s make sure that there are no barriers to Big Interview usage. It's likely that you will need to coordinate with your IT team for some of these items, so if you need clarification on anything, reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

In order for users to have a smooth experience with Big Interview, please review the following items:


We use email to communicate when a user receives a review, to reset passwords, and to convey important information regarding system updates. In order for users to receive email notifications from Big Interview, you will want to make sure you whitelist Big Interview emails. You can find more information about whitelisting here.


If your organization uses Safe Links in Outlook, please make sure that your IT administrator or Office 365 admin allows our domain and IP addresses, so users can click through notification links without experiencing issues. You can learn more about setting up Safe Links policies here.

In some cases, you may be able to turn off Safe Links by signing in to https://outlook.live.com. Select Settings > Premium > Security. There's a toggle under Advanced Security that you can use to turn off Safe Links. Note that turning off Safe Links will only affect future messages you receive. It won't change the link format in messages you've already received. 


We highly suggest using updated versions of Google Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge. We are not compatible with Interview Explorer. 

If users will be using mobile devices, please have them download the mobile app. You can download the app directly here or you can search for Big Interview in the App Store (for iPhone) or by using Google Play (Android). New users must sign up for an account on the desktop version before accessing the mobile app.

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