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Reviewing an Assignment (Admins)

Once a user has completed an assignment, what's next?

Step 1: go to the "Assignments" tab and lookup the assignment.

You can see some details about the assignment including the

1. "Assignment Name"

2. "Access Code" - to be shared with users completing assignment

3. "Due Date" (if applicable)

4. "Status" (active / inactive/ draft)

5. "Actions" - which permit admin to close/end the assignment. "Edit Details" allows you to edit the name, description and due date.

Step 2: click the assignment name, and you'll now see a roster of users who have "Completed" the assignment, and a secondary tab for "Incomplete"

Step 3: click on the user's name to review their assignment.

You will now see a screen where you can choose to review each individual answer from the user's assignment. Or you can click "Review Assignment" (at any time), to give an overall review to the entire assignment.

When reviewing individual answers, you can click "Next" or "Previous" to progress through the assignment.

When leaving a rating and feedback on an individual answer, please remember to click "Save"

When leaving a review for the whole assignment, you'll be on the screen below: