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Rating and Reviewing Videos

There are two ways to access student videos to rate and review. Students can share the videos with you via email or you can look up the student in the admin area.


  • When a student shares a video with you, you'll receive an email notification. Click on the link to rate and review the video. You do not need to have a Big Interview account in order to review the videos.

When you click on the link, you'll be taken to the external rating page. Click on "Write a Review".

  • You can rate the student's response based on 10 verbal and nonverbal cues and provide them with more detailed feedback in the form below. Enter your name/email and click submit.

  • The student will be notified by email after you have submitted your feedback.


  • From the admin area, click on the USERS tab. Search or browse for the student. Click on view to see a list of videos the student has recorded. Please note, the student must mark their videos as "visible" in order for you to rate and review.

  • You can now rate and review the videos as described above.