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Here we’ll learn about a few of the ways to review your recorded answers.

Step 1:

In the Practice Interview section when you're recording, you'll see something like this:

Step 2:

When you’re recording your interview answers, you’ll notice that below your webcam feed there is initially just one RECORD button. Once you've recorded and answer, two new buttons show up, the PLAY and SAVE button.

Step 3:

After you hit the RECORD button, a 3-second countdown will start (giving you a couple moments to get ready).

When recording has begun, you will see the word “RECORDING” on your webcam feed and you should see a white line flicker to let you know your voice is recording also. You will also see a big STOP button that allows you to end your recording.

Step 4:

After hitting STOP, you’ll notice you have the options to PLAY your response, SAVE or RECORD another response.

Now you have a few choices to play with. You can click PLAY to review your video. If you don’t like your recording simply click RECORD to try again. Or if you’re satisfied with it, click SAVE to save your recording to the My Videos. You can then either record more answers to the same question, or you can move on to the next question.

Step 5:

You can review, share, or rerecord an answer in the My Videos section. To get to My Videos, click on MY TOOLS and then click on My Videos.

Note: In My Videos sharing can be done in one of two ways. You can share an individual video by simply clicking on the blue SHARE button or you can multiple videos by clicking the “check-box” next to each video, and then clicking the SHARE SELECTED button at the top of the page.

Step 7:

The My Videos section is a great place to keep track of all your recordings. You easily review, rate and share all your saved videos. Make sure to check out the different rating features!