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Interview Training Area

It’s time to start learning those techniques that will land you your next job. In this article we’ll briefly introduce you to the INTERVIEW TRAINING section.

Step 1:

In your navigation bar, click on LEARN.


You will now see two tabs. The first is the VIDEO CURRICULUM, which includes 10 video lessons covering all aspects of interviewing.

Lesson 1 – Job Interview Fundamentals
Lesson 2 – Job Interview Best Practices and Common Mistakes
Lesson 3 – Mastering Nonverbal Communications
Lesson 4 – Analyzing the Job Description
Lesson 5 – Tell Me About Yourself
Lesson 6 – Why Do You Want to Work Here?
Lesson 7 – Behavioral Questions and Your Interview Stories
Lesson 8 – Your Strengths and Weaknesses
Lesson 9 – Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years?
Lesson 10 – Ask Smart Questions


The second tab is the WRITTEN CURRICULUM, where you’ll find a list of modules and within each module a list of written lessons.

The main WRITTEN CURRICULUM categories are:

Module 1 – Interview Basics
Module 2 – Resumes and Cover Letters
Module 3 – Landing the Interview
Module 4 – Informational Interviews
Module 5 – Interview Prep
Module 6 – Acing the Interview
Module 7 – Follow Up
Module 8 – Answering the Top Ten Questions
Module 9 – Behavioral Interview Questions

Regardless if you’re a seasoned interviewee or just starting out on your career, starting with the Interview Basics module is a smart decision. 

Step 2:

To select a lesson click on the lesson name. (In this example we’ll start with Module 1 – Lesson 1: “The Value of a Proper Interview Education”).

The whole section is designed to be pretty intuitive, just like typical online reading or video watching.