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Frequently Asked Questions

GENERAL QUESTIONS (mostly related to consumer accounts)

PLEASE NOTE: the info below mostly relates to consumer accounts only (and not school, library or government-related user accounts)

Q. How does the pricing work?

A. For a regular user, the price is monthly. We do offer a free version of Big Interview with limited access to the site, but in order to access our full Video Lessons and Written Curriculum, library of Mock Interviews and thousands of Practice Questions, the Answer Builder Tool, and more, you'll need to upgrade to the full version of Big Interview for just $25 per month. (You can cancel your account at any time- no commitment!) 

For organizations, we offer multi-user licenses/subscriptions. Click here to learn more about Big Interview for your organization.

Q. How do I cancel or update billing for my account?

A. You can find these options on the YOUR ACCOUNT page in the member area. There you can easily edit or cancel your account.

Q. I signed up twice because my credit card didn’t go through the first time. Should I be worried about being charged twice?

A. No. You shouldn’t actually be charged twice, but if for some reason that’s the case – you’ll receive an immediate refund – so no worries. If all goes wrong, just email us at and we'll make sure things get taken care of.

Q. My spouse and I are both job searching. If I subscribe to Big Interview, can I set up multiple profiles in my account?

A. When purchasing Big Interview, you get the equivalent of a household license. So you, your spouse, your kids, can use Big Interview. There are no individual profiles yet, but it doesn’t prevent you from having multiple family members under one account. 

Q. I signed up and was expecting a confirmation email. What happened?

A. Chances are it got caught in the spam filter. There are two spam filters in fact. There’s the one that goes to your Bulk Mail folder (where you can check for the missing email). But there’s also an ISP spam filter that may not allow the email to even get to your email address (in which case you wouldn’t even see it your spam filter).

If you can't find your confirmation email after checking, and can't login to your account, send us an email at

Q. I can’t hear my mic… HELP!

Make sure your mic (and webcam) is not being used by another device at the same time.

If you have Skype or Google hangout going, or if the default mic/webcam software is engaged – it might not let you use your mic device.

Q. I can’t see myself on the webcam… HELP.

Make sure your webcam is not being used by another device at the same time.

If you have Skype or Google Hangout going, or if the default webcam software is engaged – it might not let you use your webcam device.