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Creating an Assignment (Admins)

It's easy to create an Assignment for your users. You must be designated as an administrator by your organization to create Assignments.

If you need admin access, simply contact career services at your university or school (or the main contact for your organization).

1. From the admin view, click on the Assignments button (in the top nav bar)

2. Click the green button that says "New Assignment"


Now come Step 1, you will be prompted to give you assignment a name, description and due date (optional).

3. Next is Step 2, select the questions you'd like to include in your assignment. You can choose from multiple categories (General, by Industry, by Competency, Admissions interview, etc.).

Note: this functions much in the same way the Custom Sets tool works.

4. Click on the questions to add it to your Assignment, and click "Save & Review" to move the Step 3.

5. Step 3, you're almost done. Review the details of your assignment to ensure you're satisfied. Then click "Publish Assignment".

6. You can now see you live assignment on the main Assignments page. 

You can now copy the "Access Code" to share with the users meant to complete the assignment. You can also "Edit Details" or "Close" the assignment as well.

To see how to review an Assignment, look at the Knowledge Base article called "Reviewing Assignments"