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Completing an Assignment (Users)

Completing an assignment is pretty easy. Let's walk you through.

Step 1: go to "Assignments:" tab (in your top nav bar).

Step 2: enter your "Assignment Code" in the code field - which will have been supplied to you (by your admin, counselor, professor, recruiter, advisor, etc).

And then click "Start Assignment"

Step 3: Now record answers for your assignment.

You can toggle through the assignment by using the "Next Question" and "Previous Question" buttons.

Note: For instructions on how to record, please visit the support article here:

Step 4: When you reach the last question of your assignment, you will see a new button that says "Finish Assignment".

Step 5: After clicking "Finish Assignment" you have an opportunity to check your assignment before submitting it for review.

You can rewatch the answers you've recorded, and you can choose from multiple takes to the same question (so you can choose the best one to submit).

Step 6: Confirm you're ready to submit. A pop-up will notify you that you are about to submit your assignment. Once submitted you will not be able to edit.

Once you click "Submit Assignment" you're all done.